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My name is Spencer Rojas, I am a student at St. Cloud State University studying political science and mass communications. I am originally from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and came up to St. Cloud for college. After my undergrad, I want to further my education by getting my masters in public administration and law degree in administration law.

I am involved in the Public Relations Student Society, the radio and television station, KVSC  and UTVS. I work for the athletic department at SCSU running camera operations for sporting events, as well as the live-streams. I am also a peer mentor for the honors program. I get to connect with freshmen honors students and help guide them though their transition into college and the honors program.

In my free time I love to take photos and I’m constantly building my portfolio. Within my website you can find my ever growing portfolio as well as some of my blogs about my life and work. I enjoy rock climbing and staying active. I am also getting back into running and training for marathons.

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